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    Rice mochis for rats, mice and hamsters

    Reis d'Aranda's rice crackers for rodents belonging to the "Nihongo" collection will take your small rodent to the heart of Japanese culture. Handmade with the best ingredients based on rice, fruits and selected vegetables, Reis d'Aranda's mochis will become one of the best food supplements for your pet. Tasty, comfortable and fun.

    FORMAT: Packs of 20 units

    FLAVORS: Strawberry, Red Fruits, Blueberries, Peas and Sweet Corn.

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months


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    Chicken cookies for hamsters, rats and mice.

    Chicken cookies for rodents "Maya" for the most demanding rats, mice and hamsters. Handmade with whole wheat flours, chicken meat, coconut and selected fruits. A delicious and healthy option full of fiber, proteins and natural vitamins for your small pets.

    FORMAT: Boxes of 12 units

    EXPIRATION: 12 months


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    Hibiscus cookies for rodents

    Discover our handmade hibiscus snacks for hamsters, rats and mice. With lentils, fruits and rose tea, they are a delicious and nutritious treat. Perfect size and texture for the gnawing instinct. No need to break them.

    FORMAT: Box of 12 units

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months


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    Chickpea chocolates for rats, mice and hamsters.

    Enjoy our chickpea cookies for rodents. Made with chickpeas, fruits and rose petals. Tasty, healthy and nutritious, with the quality seal of Reis d'Aranda.

    FORMAT: 75 grams

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months


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    Pumpkin and chicken cookies for hamster and mouse.

    Discover the delicious pumpkin cookies for rodents "ZARINA" for hamster and mouse. Handmade with chicken meat, vegetables and quality pumpkin. A complete and healthy treat that provides nutrients, protein and helps dental wear.Natural cookies for healthymice and hamsters from Reis d'Aranda online.

    FORMAT: 75 gr

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months

Natural Biscuits for Rodents

Explore our selection of natural biscuits for rodents designed especially to care for their health, providing irresistible and nutritious options for the well-being of your beloved pets. From hamsters to mice, we are committed to offering high-quality products to meet the dietary needs of your small friends.

Exquisite Biscuits for Hamsters

Spoil your rodents with our carefully crafted exquisite biscuits for hamsters. Each bite is a crispy delight designed to please the discerning palates of your hamsters and mice. Natural nutrition for pet hamsters and other rodents.

Natural Nutrition for Hamsters

Discover our selection of natural nutrition for hamsters online, formulated to provide a balanced diet. We care about the health and well-being of your pets, offering options that respect their specific nutritional needs.

Variety of Food for Rodents

From hamster food to options for mice. Our store features a variety of natural biscuits for rodents designed to satisfy preferences for natural nutrition for hamsters. We ensure to provide safe and delicious options.


Tips on Rodent Nutrition

Wondering what hamsters can eat or what the proper nutrition is for mice? Our experts are here to guide you on the selection of a balanced diet and healthy nutrition for your rodents.

Trust us as your specialized store for rodents, where quality and the health of your pets are our priority. Explore now and provide your rodents with a culinary experience that will make them happy and healthy.