Reis d'Aranda is a brand of pet food and accessories, Reis d'Aranda is part of Reis Industrias Group S.L.

Welcome to "REIS D'ARANDA", a dream that was born in 2020 and that, after much effort and research, comes to light in January 2022 in Zaragoza (Spain).

We are an ambitious company with a single goal: to offer the owners of the most beloved and demanding pets high quality and 100% natural products, free of preservatives and additives whose pronunciation is more reminiscent of modern alchemy than something that would make the stomach happy.

In "REIS D'ARANDA" we only bet on top quality raw material, as natural as possible and of national origin, leaning towards ingredients suitable for human consumption, whose appearance and smell invite us to want to try them ourselves.
The bases of "REIS D'ARANDA" are:

High quality products.


The best customer service.

Quality control.