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    Cookies for puppy dogs.

    Delicious organic dog cookies for puppies "CHINITOWN" by "Reis d'Aranda": crunchy and delicious! Handmade with emmental cheese and turmeric, with no added sugar or salt. Perfect to pamper your dog at any time, satisfaction guaranteed with every bite! Your furry friend will love them. Cookies for adult dogs and puppies.

    FORMAT: 12 units.

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months.


    3 Review(s) 

    Pork Biscuits for Dogs.

    Delicious and healthy Pork Biscuits for Dogs. Handmade with the best ingredients. With more than 40% pork liver, they take care of their teeth and offer essential nutrients. Give your dog a unique and tasty treat!

    FORMAT: 2 Units per box.

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months.


    2 Review(s) 

    Ham dog cookies.

    Ham cookies for dogs premium, "HISPANIA" of "REIS D'ARANDA" are a treat for your dog. With ham, AOVE, chia and natural tomato, they are crunchy and full of antioxidants.

    Indulge your pet with these irresistible cookies and take care of his well-being with Reis premium dog cookies!

    FORMAT: 5 units per box.

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months.


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    Healthy dog cookies.

    Homemade dog cookie "NEMO" of hake for dogs. Handmade with quality ingredients, they are a natural source of omega 3, vitamins and minerals. Perfect for rewarding and pampering your dog, try these cookies and enjoy a healthy and happy dog!

    FORMAT: 5 units per box

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months


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    Fish crackers for dogs.

    Buy quality fish crackers for dogs, Immerse yourself in the taste of the sea with the "CANTABRIA" from "Reis d'Aranda" Delicious and natural, with 60% fish, rich in essential nutrients. Culinary consent for dogs and cats of all ages, give your pet an irresistible marine experience!

    FORMAT: 5 units per box

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months


    2 Review(s) 

    Healthy tuna canine cookies.

    Tuna cookies for dogs "MARINA" from "Reis d'Aranda": Irresistible marine flavor for your dog. The best dog cookies handmade with tuna, fresh vegetables and banana. Nutritious and healthy, with proteins, omega 3 and vitamins, reward your dog with these delicious marine cookies!

    FORMAT: 6 units per box

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months

Dog Cookies

Welcome to our section of natural and additive-free dog cookies. Natural and high-quality canine pastry, where the passion for pampering your best friend combines with delicious options that will make their tail wag incessantly. Discover our exquisite selection of natural dog cookies, irresistible treats, and cakes designed especially to indulge your four-legged companion.

Canine Pastry

From dog cookies to cakes and pies for dogs, each creation in our canine pastry shop is made with quality ingredients and the love your furry friend deserves. Our dog cookies are an explosion of natural flavor, perfect as a reward or simply as a sign of affection.

Explore our variety of treats for dogs, from homemade dog cookies to birthday cakes for dogs. Looking for something special? Our canine pastry shop has options for every taste, including homemade dog cakes and delicious cakes for dogs that you can buy and share on those special occasions.

Online Cakes for Dogs

Celebrate your furry friend's birthday with a homemade cake for dogs or choose birthday sweets from our selection. Our options are more than just treats. Our online cakes for dogs are expressions of affection in the form of delicious creations.

Trust us as your source for dog cookies, treats, and canine pastry. Explore our pastry shopnow and give your dog the culinary experience they deserve.